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The history of football in Asia dates back to ancient China, when the Han dynasty in the annals mention of the game similar to football. It is known that in Japan in the 7th century, played a kind of football. In Korea, the spread of football begins at the end of XIX century.
Today the football in the Asian countries is growing rapidly and the development of a massive investment. Among Asian fear of playing football in particular stand out Japan and South Korea (in 2002 in these countries was held the World Cup).
Football in Asia is progressing very quickly. The strengths of the game in the countries of Asia today are Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, China and Uzbekistan. FIFA rated the best team in Asia is considered Japan's national team.
Modern football in Japan began in the 50s of the XIX century. He received a serious development in the 90s, and for a very short period of Japan's national team has become one of the strongest in Asia, every year is strengthening the national team. Football clubs in China were established in 1994 and since then China's modern football and began development. In general, in Asia there are no experts who would be able to raise the skill level of local players, so as coaches are often act Europeans.


AFC president chooses May 2, 2013

AFC has appointed May 2 election date, the new president of the organization, which is to replace the suspended life of Mohammed Bin Hammam, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the official website of the AFC.
The acting head of the AFC Zhang Jilong, on Thursday announced that the AFC will hold an extraordinary congress on May 2, during which the president is elected.
Bin Hammam, who led the AFC in 2002, was convicted of bribery in the election campaign for the presidency of FIFA in 2011, followed by the FIFA ethics committee suspended him for life from all football-related activities.

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A burnt child dreads fire

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